Thefts of iPhones are way down and thefts of Samsung’s are up. The reason? Apple’s built in security measures.

iPhone thefts down

If your device is stolen, the thief would need to restore it to use it or sell it.  Without  your Apple Username and Password the device is useless to them! This is what is referred to as a device being Activation Locked.

A customer of Valley iRepair works as a nurse at the hospital. While involved with a case, the patients relative stole her iPhone from her desk. What the thief didn’t know is that iPhones are now not only useless without the password, they can be tracked!  This is called Find My iPhone.


The nurse was devastated but used Find My iPhone and tracked her iPhone to an address which was the same as her patient. The phone was retrieved, the perp was charged and the word is getting out that stealing iPhones is pointless…. She then dropped her phone on a shopping cart, cracking her screen.

When we at Valley iRepair heard this story while repairing her screen we couldn’t resist.  She was our first recipient of our Butterfinger Award for best story relating to the repair.