The beautiful white fluffy stuff is just too hard to resist taking a photo of … you fumble with your gloves and then watch it disappear under the foot of snow. Or, perhaps it was a sled wipe-out or the classic flailing limbs dismount onto the icy sidewalk that sent it flying? Either way you are partially happy it had a soft landing … and horrified that it is now wet.


What NOW?

  • First… remember there ARE NO GUARANTEES. Water can sneak into any tiny crevice and do irreversible damage. That being said, here is what you can do if your iPhone was dropped in just a little snow: (Do this at your own risk – remember, if in doubt, bring it to our iPhone repair shop!)
  • Find the one dry patch on your body with fairly soft / absorbent cloth and wipe it down, keeping it upright with the home button towards the bottom.
  • Place it in your pocket so that the port side / home button is facing DOWN. This helps enables any remaining snow that might have made it into the ports to trickle down and out of the phone instead of into the circuitry.
  • Keep it dry and upright as much as you can until several hours have passed and you are certain any potential moisture has evaporated.

Issues to Look for

  • It is a common problem for iPhones dropped in snow to have issues with speaker, volume and sound.
  • Phone reboots
  • Phone gets excessively hot after charging
  • Battery doesn’t hold a charge very long.

When to seek the help of a professional iPhone repair service.

First, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover liquid damage..  If your iPhone got really wet, say it hit the slushy side of a puddle or was in the snow for more than a second, turn it off immediately and take your iPhone for water damage repair. You increase your chances of it being saved if you DO NOT USE IT!

Water damage is a fickle issue as there is no real way of knowing just where all the pesky H20 got inside the phone. Professional iPhone repair for water damage can be attempted, but there are no guarantees. Each situation is different. We have seen phones that took a dip in the pool that we were able to bring back, and others that simply had a little water spilled on it at the dinner table that could not be saved.

The success of our treatment rests mostly on how little you use it and how quickly you get it to us.