Frequently Asked Questions

Every situation is unique when it comes to cellphone repair. Our highly skilled and professional service technicians are committed to providing you fast and friendly service and reuniting you with your device as soon as possible.

What types of mobile phones or tablets do you repair?

We specialize in Apple products, servicing all iPhones and iPads

Are batteries replaceable?

Absolutely! The average life for a lithium ion battery is around two years. If you have noticed decreased performance in your battery, we offer free diagnosis for all apple devices. In some cases we have found it is a charging port issue, which we can also fix. If it does prove to be the battery, we can replace it with a new one in under 10 minutes, in front of you, while you watch.

What is the repair process?

We offer free diagnosis and quote you the cost for any recommended repairs. We then do the repair in front of you, while you watch. Most repairs can be done in under 20 minutes and on a Walk-in basis. We also offer warranties against defect on all screens and batteries.

Will I loose any information if you work on my phone?

For standard repairs, no information will be lost, but we do recommend you back up regularly.

Do you carrier unlock phones?

We do not unlock phones; we concentrate on repairing devices.

Do I have to drop my phone off?

We do all repairs in front of you, while you watch, and have you on your way in minutes. However, if it is more convenient for you to drop off your device and pick it up at a later time, we can keep your device secure for you until you return.

Do you warranty your repairs?

We have a lifetime warranty on all screen replacements that covers parts and labor. The warranty is against manufacture’s defect (it does not include further damage caused by user to the part itself.)

Batteries and accessories carry a 90-day warranty against manufacture’s defect.

What kind of parts do you use for repairs?

Apple does not sell to ANY third party vendors. However, we do use only the highest quality original manufacturer specification (OEM) parts. We also offer warranties against defect for the parts we use.

Do you work on Androids?

We specialize only in Apple products includes iPhones and iPads.

My iPhone got wet, can I use rice to dry it? Its still working, is it ok to use?

As soon as you realize that your device may have liquid damage, turn it off and do not attempt to charge it even if you can still see a display. If water reaches any internal part of the phone that carries a current, it could fry the entire device and render the motherboard useless which means all information and phots will be lost. Rice will do nothing to absorb water from any phone -unless you still have a flip phone. Bring the phone in for a water-treatment in our shop.

*Water-resistant phones do not mean water-proof. We have repaired many iPhones that were marketed as being water-resistant that became damaged from exposure for liquids.