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We offer FREE diagnosis and repair your device in minutes, right in front of you. We use the highest quality parts available, and your screen is warrantied against defect for life! Come see why more people trust Valley iRepair with their iPhones and iPads.
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Screen Repair

Cracked screen, dark ink-like blemishes, touch screen non responsive, screen discoloration.

Battery Repair

Device need constant charging throughout the day? Does it shut off or drop charge suddenly?

Speaker/Mic Repair

Can no one hear you over the phone? Does the speaker not play, or is muted?

External Button Repair

Sleep/wake button unresponsive? Volume buttons no longer working correctly? Home button unresponsive?

Charging Port Repair

Does device not charge in its entirety? Is plug connection loose or not plugging in entirely?

Liquid Damage Repair

Even “waterproof ” phones and cases can get water-damaged. Turn device off, don’t attempt to charge it, and bring it by for cleaning. Rice will only work if you have a flip-phone.

Client Reviews

Jeff and his crew are literally WIZARDS. Amazing! A phone NO ONE else could fix, not even Apple themselves, and Mr. Potter waved his magic wand and singlehandedly saved my business phone at an affordable rate.. and right in front of me!

Michelle Rose

Jeff was super helpful, diagnosed a tricky problem and sent me on my way. I have been in a couple times before, helped by someone else, and it is always the same - consistent, quality service.

Susan Nitzel Blum

We have taken four phones with various problems and they’ve always fixed them flawlessly, fast and they’re always affordable! I fully recommend them to anyone!

Joy Powers

No better repair shop out there, super customer service, quality parts, top of the line experience across the board. 10/10, would recommend to everyone!

Chad Simmons

Wow! I thought I would have to buy a new phone. I came in at 10:05 and was back in my car leaving at 10:18 with a replaced battery and a working iPhone!

Mary Barfield Croft

Great place, great service, great prices, convenient location. I just had my first experience there: walked in with no appointment and walked out with my iPhone fixed in no time.

Isak Howell

Last Summer my dog was pestering me to go in the pool. Jumped in with him with my phone in my pocket. Water was coming out of all of the ports. Didn’t try to do anything with it, just brought it to Valley. Fixed it on the spot!

Joseph Hallock

I love this place! Always fast and hassle-free. My screen has been replaced twice by the guys here and I’ve always been very happy!

Susan Clark