Apples keynotes always seem to get international attention and the media buzzing.  This one delivered! This post will efficiently cover the highlights of the event.

HBO Now will be an exclusive service with Apple that will work with the Apple Tv, which has been price reduced to $69.  HBO Now will be $14.95/month.

Health Kit

Apple Pay is gaining momentum, tripling support to over 700,000 vendors, including Valley iRepair! How to add Apple Pay





downloadResearch Kit  is an open sourced add-on to the software that will allow health information to be shared with medical institutions for diagnosis insights.  You’ll have total control about how much information you’d like to share.  Apple makes nothing off of this and costs nothing to you. This has the potential of revolutionizing information gathering for medical study.



research kit

MacBook is refreshed with a 12′ retina display and is offered in gold color.  Very thin but with only one port; USB-C, a new do-it-all port.  More info to come about this….  Thinner than the Air and less powerful.  This is a curious decision, in our opinion because it seems to add a third option for their line, but who’s it aimed toward??  The trackpad is getting “force touch” which they’re calling Taptic feedback.  It’ll distinguish between clicks and “pushes”.  We’re curious to see this in action.


Apple Watch is arguably the highlight of the event.  It’s not the first smart watch to come along but certainly the most talked about.  It’s pretty and seems to host interesting features. With an 18 hour battery life and Taptic touch interface it seems to deliver some interesting features.  Swipe up see glances of your most commonly used apps like weather, news headlines, notifications, meetings and more. The side button also brings up contacts, and you can sync with your friends’ watches to share messages, drawings and even your heartbeat.  It’ll remind you that you’ve sat too long or give you exercise data. Prices start at $349 for the sport version, $549 for the regular and $10,000 for the limited edition (yes…. $10,000!)  The price is steep but not compared to high end watches but will it be outdated tech in a couple years?

apple watch