Does it seem your storage space keeps getting smaller and you can’t store as many photos as you used to? You might have the same problem I did.

Did you know that every picture and video you have texted using iPhone’s standard texting app is taking up storage space? WHAT!? Yep… If you’re like me and are a text message hoarder, then your phone storage could all be hogged by old text message files.

My storage space was 39.91 GB MESSAGES and only 8.33 GB Photos!!???

That is a sign of two things:
1- time to do some storage house cleaning
2- maybe its time to look into SnapChat




How you see where most of your storage space is being used:
Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Store (under Storage)
Clean Messages By Deleting Whole Threads
This is the quickest method and means that you will lose the entire message thread. If you are ready to make that jump, it’s pretty straight forward:

  1. In messenger app, look at the message string for all of your messages.
  2. Swipe left on the string you wish to eliminate
  3. Click Delete


How to Delete Select Images in Bulk from Messages
Select images in bulk to free up more storage space on your iPhone

  1. Open text message app
  2. Open a conversation
  3. Press on the little “i” symbol at the top (might have to give it a minute to load)
  4. Scroll down to an image and press and hold until you see options pop up
  5. Select “more”
  6. Select multiple images, then press the trash can (Delete) on the bottom right