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Blacksburg Running and Strava review

Within the last year I have gotten into running. Starting slowly until I eventually worked up to run my first 5K race and then my first half marathon. I was so excited when we opened our iphone repair shop in Blacksburg at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center as it was so close to the Huckleberry Trail! During my time as a runner I have become to rely on a wonderful app called Strava to help me learn about how to better my runs. It is also the “facebook” of the running world as it can connect you with other runners to share workouts, kudos and comments. A lot of avid runners use this app, and if you are looking to become a better runner, I highly recommend it.


Cost: FREE/ Premium $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year

(“P” by a feature indicates that is only available through Premium account)



  • Using GPS Strava tracks and analyzes every aspect of your run
  • Syncs with most devices to monitor heart rate
  • Keeps track of previous runs and “awards” you trophies for new person records – a great motivator
  • Connect with other runners to share kudos and leave comments
  • Turn on the Beacon feature ad you can share your ongoing location with someone just in case of an emergency (P)
  • Find new routes by having access to other runners’ courses
  • Divides popular running spots into segments and shows actively updated Leaderboard to compare your time against others in a “virtual” race



  • Privacy is an issue here. Anyone can watch where you run, so if you run close to your house, it would be easy to deduce where you live.
  • Very occasionally (rare really) it can mess up the data by crashing or failing to record data



Turn off Wifi before you run. If you run through a wifi zone, the phone attempting to connect can sometimes interfere with the recording of your data.

View the best times other Strava runners have for a segment of your run

Strava will track and notify you when you have run a personal best


View and track total times as well as break-down by mile