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A slightly philosophical review of the iPhone 7


-By Travis Powell

Does Apple’s latest marketing frenzy hold up to its claims? I want to look past all the hub-bub, fashion trends and “must-have” claims to review it as simply a tool … then see if the claims hold true. I want to inspect the features that allow each and every one us to transform it and mold it into what we need as individuals. My father always told me to have the right tool for the job and as it turns out the iPhone 7 is the right tool for millions of jobs.

What’s in a Name?

To begin with, the iPhone 7 is actually grossly misnamed. So many of us use the iPhone way more as a tool than as a phone. For example, at Valley iRepair we receive calls daily about iPhone repair. That being said, for every one person that actually calls us to fix their broken iPhone, there are ten people that Googled “iPhone repair” to find us. Then they used their device to text or email us.

So let’s call it for what it is- it’s not the new iPhone 7, it’s the new iTool 7. It is a blank electronic canvas that is just waiting to gracefully slide out of its box and into the hands of the next entrepreneur, gamer, father or mother, CEO, or cashier at the fast food joint around the corner. Think about that… All walks of life, all using the same iTool to make their lives more productive, fulfilling and accomplished.


So… what about this headphone jack?

If iphone was a democracyAs a tool, the iPhone 7 is a no brainer. It is the most advanced tool currently on the market. It is designed to take all facets of life and pack it into one incredibly versatile device that fits in the palm of your hand. Now we can view the transition away from a headphone jack as a conversation instead of a good vs bad argument. How can I make this change work for me as a tool? How could not having a umbilical cord to my phone increase my productivity?  Could this be a new tool in helping me get in shape by allowing me a wider range of motion? Can this be a tool to increase someone’s gaming experience?  Can this allow us more productivity in our jobs by freeing our hands while we work? Perhaps this will push me personally to explore new tools in the Bluetooth world that can assist me even more. Maybe all of these possibilities would not have been considered without the removal of the jack.

Let’s talk speed

The processor alone in the new iPhone 7 easily makes this a tool with muscle behind it. The new A10 processor comes packed with “a reported 3.3 billion transistors…with a 20% overall increase performance from the A9 in the iPhone 6”*. What does that mean to everyday users? Each of us defines what that is- If your day is completed by stretching out and taking on your friend in online gaming, then there is little lag in the game. If you run a business while juggling and multitasking phone calls, emails and purchasing, then no more “click and wait” The A10 chip will take anything we can throw at it easily and efficiently. It gives us the processing power to have the ability to record our love ones, the ability to shop without physically going anywhere, to the ability of researching how to get the washing machine to stop making that funny noise. The A10 chip make the iPhone 7 one magnificent multi tool that will spill into all parts of our daily lives.

Is the cost really worth it?

If you were to buy it outright without any upgrade subsides, the average cost of the new iPhone 7 is $809. Over the course of a two-year contract, that puts you spending $1.10 per day. That’s less than the price of a soda every day! So, for less than a soda a day you have in your pocket the most advanced and versatile tool you can buy. The iPhone 7 and its capabilities can easily save me that much money a day. Again, this isn’t a question of do I need this device, rather, how can I use the iPhone 7 to my advantage?

What other device or item do we use or carry on our person more than our smart phones? Other than our wallet, there is nothing that comes even close. So, why would we not want to maximize our potential with something that is integral to so many of us? From the 12 megapixel camera, with camera features that makes even the most novice photographer record amazing memories, to the new water resistant frame, the iPhone 7 will become an extension of your person. It will reshape everything from the repetitive texting with our loved ones, to reminding us to wake up. It will record our diets and take pictures of our adventures. It will connect us globally, while strengthening us locally.


The iPhone 7 is the tool I didn’t know I needed … the tool that fell into my hands as that Apple iPhone 7 box fought its perfect vacuum to slide open. I knew that I had not purchased the newest trending “must have”, rather I invested in a tool that will enhance my professional life, my family life, and my recreational life. I purchased the right tool for the job.

* Victor H. “iPhone 7 Teardown reveals the secret behind the A10 chip”, PhoneAreana.com,  19, September 2106.